IMPORTANT! New GAPOST Rule RE Annual Mandated Training Hour Requirements

On Wednesday, February 8, 2017, Directors Chris Wiggington of the GPSTC and Ken Vance of POST gave a short presentation of the revised rules dealing with annual training for certified officers.  The Directors did a sterling job in presenting to all our members in attendance an overview of the revised POST rule 464-5.  They clearly noted during their presentation that Chief Executive Officers had to complete 25 hours of training, 20 finished or approved by the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police and 5 specifically under the new revised POST rule. Because many of our members were not in attendance at the Wednesday, February 8th presentation, I am attaching a copy of a handed-out distributed at that meeting explaining the revised rule via link below:

New POST Training Rule 464-5

At the end of Wednesday’s training meeting, I was asked if the class GACP offered during our WTC titled Procedural Justice qualifies under the new POST rule.  The answer is, it does not!  The lesson plan we taught from at our conference was different with only the titles being similar. So, to clarify this point, the Procedural Justice class taught at GACP’s WTC counts towards your mandated in-services training hours as per the “Chief’s Act”, OCGA 35-8-21 but does not count towards the general POST rule 464-5.  So, if you attended all 14 hours of training, you will receive on your POST profile 14 hours of GACP training that is credited towards 20 hours of your annual mandated Chief Executive training requirement.  However, you must complete your other 5 hours as required per the POST new rule.

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